Ultimate Love Checkout Predictions Week 5

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Hello… Welcome to our Ultimate Love checkout predictions for week five. Apparently, our predictions are always accurate. Last week, we predicted that Jeriton will be evicted and that was exactly what happened.

Let’s do it again this week. This week, only four couples are up for possible checkout. They are Bolar, Roksie, Chivia and Jelo PreshDavid was saved by Aunty after the Monday mission.

Who May Not Leave This Week


Ultimate Love Checkout Predictions Week 5

They are a strong pair. Roksie and Kachi look like a pair that is going to make it to the final week. They definitely can’t leave now.


Bolanle and Arnold look like another strong pair. This first time on the nomination list was only last week and their fans proved to us that they are a force to reckon with by giving them second position on the vote ranking. We believe that those fans will keep them in the house this week.


Ultimate Love Checkout Predictions

They are always on the list. It must be getting tiring for them. Well, definitely not for their fans because they are always ready to vote to keep their king Chiddy and their Queen Sylvia in the Ultimate Love Pad.

This leaves us with one pair and that is the pair that we strongly believe that may checkout this week. Of course, that’s the pair of Jelo (Jenny and Louis). Yes, they have a fan base but that fan base may be too small to save them this week because they are up against very strong competitors (Roksie, Bolar and Chivia).

Ultimate Love Checkout Predictions  5

Even on the vote ranking for last week, these three couples were far ahead of them. So Jelo may just checkout of the love pad this Sunday.

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What do you think of our Ultimate Love checkout predictions this week? Who do you think is leaving or staying? Please, share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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