Ultimate Love Week 6 Poll For Checkout

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Our Ultimate Love Week 6 Checkout Poll. Scroll down, vote for the couple you are saving this week, see results and know who may likely be leaving.

Ultimate Love Week 6 Poll For Checkout

This week, five couples have been nominated for possible checkout on Sunday but only four of them will end up on that list after the Monday mission. They are Bolar, Double Chris, Jaykech, Iykeresa, and ObiEbi.

Ultimate Love Week 6 Poll

Aunty sent Bolar and Iykeresa on the Monday mission this week. After the mission, she decided to save Bolar. This means Iykeresa are up for possible checkout this week.

Who are you saving this week? Double Chris, Jaykech, Iykeresa or ObiEbi? Vote on our poll and see results. You can vote as many times as possible.

Who Are You Saving This Week?
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14 thoughts on “Ultimate Love Week 6 Poll For Checkout

  1. Wish Double Chris can win. The lady has maturity and determination despite the fact that she started with no partner

  2. Double Chris are the couple to win. They act maturely. ObiEbi must go with their moods.

  3. I wish PreashDavid will come out for eviction this week ,her mind is not clean where other house mates are that is too bad.

  4. I will wish jaykach should leave this Sunday although jay is a nice guy but Nkechi can not do without gossip, that is why is whipping without her micphone

  5. Double Chris guns please let’s help and vote for them. They have dropped. If we don’t continue something will happen.

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