Bolar’s Session With Aunty Week 6

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Bolar’s session with Aunty Week 6.

Aunty wants to know about how they are faring.
Arnold said Bolanle was very scared of being on the chopping board again. They are happy Aunty saved them.

Bolanle is surprised that people are voting for them as she doesn’t have much friends.

Arnold just said he takes his time. This week the picture is getting more clearer. Bolanle can confirm the relationship is going on the right direction.

Bolanle said the Friday with Arnold’s ex stuff was also an eye opener . She talked about Arnold having crushes when they get outside.

Arnold said his ex asked him to choose but he told her he is with Bolanle and it’s for a lifetime
Arnold said he has gotten a lot of information about Bolanle.
Micheal wanted Bolanle but she refused.

Bolar agreed on 3 kids. Arnold wanted plus one but she refused.
Arnold said no nanny o. Arnold wants help but not outsiders due to the experience his sister had. He prefers family to come help out. They will talk about it later.

Bolanle wants to move to Lagos. She is living in a free apartment from a friend in Abuja but want to move to Lagos.

Arnold wants to move from his room and parlour to a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment.

Bolanle wants to live in Mainland.
Arnold lives in Egbeda but She wants them to leave there. She wants them to go to Magodo or Gbagada or Surulere

Bolanle is from a muslim family but getting married to Arnold wont be a problem.

Arnold said his family has a great extent of influence in his decisions.
And if it means that they should satisfy her father’s religion, it wont be a problem. They might consider it.

Bolanle’s parents and brother depend on her.

Only Arnold’s workers depend on him.

Bolanle is responsible for her niece and she will discuss with Arnold.

Arnold wants a home where they dont create a room for people to come in so as to avoid issues. He wants to have a home like that of his brother.

Arnold said Bolanle will answer his name after marriage

Bolanle affirms this.

Bolanle will be addressed as Mrs Bolanle Arnold Omarriagekuniyi

Arnold is praying for God to teach him how he would handle this.

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