Double Chris’ Session With Aunty Week 6

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DoubleChris’s session with Aunty

Chris will change her maiden name to Chrisville’s surname.

Chrisville doesn’t mind . She can answer anyone.

Chris said he has boundaries. They spend more time together. They are improving by the day. Chris opened up to him last week. They spend quality time together.
They are partners now.

They have talked about the future.

Chrisville will want to have a daughter first and Chris didn’t object. They want a maximum 3 and minimum 2.
Chris wants a set of twins first and then one later.

DoubleChris will be living in Lagos. Chris lives in Calabar but will move to Lagos.

Chrisville wont mind if they cohabit with each other.
Chris has lived with a guy before but she doesn’t want to experience see finish, that is moving in with him before marriage and seeing a lot.

DoubleChris have similar faith.
They are both Pentecostal.
Chrisville is attending MFM.

Family obligations….
They have responsibilities to their families.

Chrisville has siblings and step siblings he supports but they are not totally dependent on him.

Chris has just 2 little ones she takes care of and her mum.

Chrisville said they will set boundaries for both family members. Although Chrisville doesn’t mind receiving family members.

Chrisville wants a maid in their home to assist in household chores.

Chris loves a guy that takes care of his mother. She doesn’t mind sharing her finances with him. She will support his siblings financially even without him knowing but she will set boundaries.

They have individual plans, as well as joint plans and projects they will do together.
Chrisville said Chris was a former beauty queen so they will work towards a project like that, less privileged, humanitarian activities and foundations.

Chris loves taking care of children and widows so she wants to create a platform for skill acquisition for them while Chrisville will create a platform for youth empowerment

They both said once they step out of the house, it’s a new beginning for them. There are things , plans they are keeping to themselves until they get out.

Chris said she had a small altercation with her friends Nkechi and Presh.

Chris said they told her they are missing her so she told them to focus on their partners because that’s the purpose of the show. She doesn’t want them to discuss nominations or others.
She just wants Chrisville and to bond more

Chrisville said if it is likeness , its 10/10 but the next step is love and they are taking it one step at a time.

Chris said she really likes him and they both agreed that they have a connection.

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