Iykeresa’s Session With Aunty Week 6

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Iykeresa’s session with Aunty Week 6.

Iyke plays the drum. Theresa’s mum is a teacher.

Iyke said they are better in their relationship. They are getting assurance from each other as the day goes by. He has broken the wall to get to her. The walls of Jericho has fallen.

Theresa will add his surname to her name. She wants to maintain her father’s name. Future Mrs Iyke Nnama.

Iyke wants prenup before their marriage. He will draw up a prenup .
He said he wants to have a baby girl first.

Theresa said if they get married this year or next year, they are still young so they should keep child bearing for a later time but Iyke said two years.

Iyke wants more than 3 kids but she said she wants 3 kids.

Iyke said if Theresa is concerned about that, he will get a surrogate.

Theresa doesn’t want to leave Iyke alone in Lagos. She will definitely relocate to Lagos from Abuja.

They have same faith. They are both Catholics. They pray together.

They don’t really have any family obligations. Iyke will take care of his father’s business.
They both have their siblings to take care of in latter years but for now, the parents are taking care of them.

Theresa said if you are married into an Igbo family, you have to also think of the extended family.

Their both parents (mothers) have been discussing. They call each other every day. Their parents want them to be together. Their relationship is now beyond them in the house.
Iyke’s mum calls her Agbani.

Theresa said she realized that she is very competitive. She was mad at Iyke for not trying enough during the love nest challenge.
Iyke said the mannequin was bigger than Theresa. He wanted the mannequin to look like a Doctor and that was taking quite some time.

Iyke is talking about adopting other kids as well. Theresa is in support of this as well.

Theresa will get a job in Lagos, go for her youth service in Lagos as well.

Iyke said they will end together by winning the Ultimate prize. They both said they want to be the Ultimate couple. Theresa said she wants them to be the Ultimate couple so that will make them get married. Theresa said Iyke has been giving her a lot of assurances . Theresa talked about Iyke drinking much on friday and telling her all about the episode with his ex.
They are good with each other.

Theresa said their guys are being checked out.

Iykeresa was formed by Iyke. That was the best interpretation they could come up with.

Theresa said they are now hunted in the house and everyone now hates them but Iyke refuted this.

They are both happy they came into the love pad and no regrets. The best time of their lives.

They really want to be the pace setters. The Ultimate couple against all odds.

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