Jaykech’s Session With Aunty Week 6

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Jaykech’s session with Aunty Week 6.

Nk said her sister told her a lot of things , to be more proactive, more responsible, spend more time with him and know more about Jay.

Nk said Jay takes care of her.

Jay said his sister told him to be himself, that he has fans all over Africa and the world. The sister is happy with him but that he should get closer to Nk more. He said he is a very stubborn person and a realist. He doesn’t like play or to be overplayed. He doesn’t do things because others are doing it..
Jay said he washed Nk’s clothes today

Nk wants 2 sets of twins but Jay said he is not having two set of things. He said most of the things that happen to him are as he wants. He said he will not have twins and it’s not happening. He wants 3 kids, a girl, boy, girl.
Nk said she wants triplets as well but Jay said never.

Jay talked about the financial aspects, emotional draining and major support.

Jay said NK wants him to relocate to Lagos but he wants a quiet place. He said he is open to options.
Nk said she wants him in Lagos because of opportunities and events.
Jay said Nk has to move to PortHarcourt with him. He doubts if she will go back to her job.

Jay said he is a very gradual person. That what he wants to know is just her person and he is ok with that. That any other things to know about her are secondary.

Nk refuted it’s not Secondary. That they need to know every detail about each other.

Jay said he is open to Nk’s catholic faith. He doesn’t have any issues with the religion of a lady he likes. The person doesn’t even need to be going to church. All he needs is a decent woman.

Nk said the way she was trained, they practice what they preach, not just Sunday sunday christianity. She wants her kids and husband to be part of her family church activities.

Jay said Nk is jumping the guns and moving too fast. He wont stop the kids but he is not a regular sunday service goer.

Jay said they have same mindset about family.
He can give all he has to his family. Nk said it’s ok so long as his immediate family is not starving.

Jay said he will integrate his extended family into his immediate family.

Jay said when he is married, his mum can visit but they wont live with him.

Jay’s surname is Benson.

Nk is thinking of how she will change her name to Nkechi Jay Benson
She said she loves Igbo names.

Jay’s full name is Jonathan Benson. He said he was named after his uncle but then said Jonathan is his father’s name.

Jay doesn’t want to be associated with any state.

Aunty told them they have a lot of discussions to do concerning
Location, children, change of name and a lot more.

Jay said there are things he doesn’t want to talk about and they will come

3 thoughts on “Jaykech’s Session With Aunty Week 6

  1. Wow I like this couple ts so mature and it’s my prayer they have a right future together i like their loyal friendship with PreshDavid, Double Chris, Obiebi and Iykeresa my favourite couples in the house

  2. Yay is a husband type of he protects Nkechi. His family will not starve. Above all he doesn’t play his love for the viewers. He speaks his mind. What one see on TV is Jay.

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