Ultimate Love: Aunty Punishes Love Guests For Breaking Rules

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Aunty visited the Ultimate love pad last night and once again made herself clear on the type of behavior allowed in the Ultimate Love Pad. As a result punishment for Jaykech (Jay and Nkechi) has been issued.

Ignoring and not following Aunty’s rules in the Love Pad is a serious offence and the Love Guests are now going to get the consequences of going against her instructions.

Not so long ago, Aunty cautioned the Love Guests against doing things that are against her rules, stressing that conversations need to be clear and bad behavior will not be tolerated. Whispering and conversing without microphones are not tolerated in Aunty’s love pad.

However, Jaykech seem to have landed themselves in trouble and they’re the first Couple to be issued punishment.

Though Aunty hasn’t named the punishment yet, she made herself clear that she has eyes and ears in the Love Pad, therefore no one can go unnoticed.

Their offence

The Couple has been found guilty of conversing without their microphones on. Whether it was intentional or not, Aunty instructed the Love Guests to be mindful and always have their microphones on.

It is up to Aunty now to decide on what Jaykech will have to do to redeem themselves and hopefully that will be a lesson to others. Aunty may have been very lax but the rules are still in place and effective.

Remember, in Aunty’s love pad, it’s either Aunty’s way or the highway.

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