Chivia’s Session With Aunty Week 6

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Chivia’s session with Aunty
They talked about being free from nominations this week.

Chiddy wants their kids to look like Sylvia.
Chiddy wants 4 but Sylvia wants 2 or 3.
Sylvia is begging him that 4 will be too much for her. Chiddy refused to walk with her on that.

Chiddy is living in his own house at Ikorodu. Sylvia will be going back to school after the show. She wants to stay off camp but Chiddy refused.

Chiddy wants them to live together and continue their courtship. Sylvia wants to be going over during weekends but Chiddy said he wishes she stays with him. They are yet to agree to walk together on this. Discussion continues.

Religion…. Sylvia is catholic and although Chiddy left the catholic faith, he is going back for her sake.

They wont allow family members visit up on till after one year of marriage.

Chiddy just supports his younger brother who is in school reading medicine.

Sylvia’s aunty told her they are doing well and her family has accepted him. Same with Chiddy.

Chiddy is good at advising people for their relationship to work.

Sylvia will change her name to his father’s name Donatus.
Chiddy wants to go with his own father’s name.
Sylvia will be known as Mrs Donatus. Sylvia affirms what he said.

They disagree on little things like taking bath early , eating, etc. Sylvia complains that he doesn’t take his bath early.

Sylvia asked a question…
If you are in a relationship and you are not fighting, people think you are faking it.

She talked about how they go about their relationship peacefully, some love guests said they are faking it and it’s getting to her.
Chiddy said he is sure of what he wants and not faking it.

Aunty told them if they are not faking , then it’s ok as the end certainly justifies the means

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