ObiEbi’s Session With Aunty Week 6

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ObiEbi’s session with Aunty

Obi is doing great.
Obi got message from his mum. She advised him to be tolerant. She is praying for them

Ebi’s parent figure advised her to be who she is, be herself and learn how to say sorry so now she has been saying sorry a million times to Obi o.

Ebi said she wants her relationship with Choco to work. She was holding back but now she is all out. She loves him and now wants to give it her all fully.

Obi said they have made good progress now. No much fights over little things.

Obi mentioned he was called for a scheming meeting and he really didn’t like it.

Ebi said she is becoming stronger. She didn’t cry when she was saying her heart to her choco.

Obi thanked Aunty for the last session. They appreciated Aunty for making them.

Obi wants 3, Ebi wants 4 but they have decided for a 3. 2 boys and a girl. She has no choice but to walk with him.

They are discussing on where to live.
They are against cohabiting before marriage.

They have same faith. They are fasting now. Obi fast on Tuesdays and Ebi on Thursdays but now they are doing it together now. Obi accepted to move to her church Salvation Ministries after marriage

Obi has family obligations and fulfils them monthly. They are both responsible for their mothers.

Ebi wants her family members to have a vow that after marriage, they will not fight against them but support them.
After the vows between the couple both respective family members will also sign the documents typed and printed and take their own vows as well. Ebi loved the idea and agrees with her for coming up with the idea

Ebi will be Mrs Chukwuemeka.

They are not worried about the nominations. Their focus is on each other.

Ebi didn’t expect Iykeresa to nominate them. She was surprised and later spoke to Theresa about it. She has nothing against them.

They pray and fast for God to sustain their relationship in and outside the love pad.

Aunty asked them what will they do if Obi’s mum doesn’t accept her, Ebi said she will give her reasons to accept her. That she will do all she can for Obi’s mum to accept her.

They have 3 options to relocate to.
Ph, Abuja, Lagos.

ObiEbi said immediately they leave the love pad, they are going straight to the mountain to pray as they want to build their family foundation on God. From there they will go to meet Obi’s mum so she knows her and then to Ebi’s mum, her biological father, godfather and brother

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