Roksie’s Session With Aunty Week 6

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Roksie’s session with Aunty Week 6

They told Aunty they are fine.
Kachi said their lives have been rosy since on Sunday. He said they nominated based on strategy. They both did the nominations. Jaykech has not been up and Iykeresa has been resting.

Rosie said there were few rude comments after the nominations. Jay has been cold towards both of them. She was close to Jay earlier.

Kachi said he has been handling things well. Jay called some specific housemates to have a meeting about the nominations. He said he is not bothered about the conspiracy.
Rosie said she is shocked that Jay is going back on his words.

Roksie have talked about the no of kids they will have. 3. 2 girls, 1 boy.

Aunty mentioned that the family of the 13 year old son might come looking for her.

They want a girl child first .
They have been talking about consolidating the relationship.

Rosie wants to relocate to Lagos. Kachi is into digital marketing. He did a course and he doesn’t really need to be in Abuja to do his business as his business will be an online one.

Kachi wanted them to live together as soon as they leave the house. He wants them to be together and not be apart. They are both scared of losing each other. Rosie is discovering some bad things about Him but he is working on it.

She talked about after her revelation that he would leave but he reassured her.
Now , he doesn’t bother about her opinions and decisions. He acts to be right always.

Kachi explained the reasons why he is acting the way he does.

Rosie said Kachi wants his opinion to over ride hers always and she doesn’t like that.

Kachi said they will both rent an apartment and live together in Lagos.
Rosie said they want a location that will accommodate Jeremy’s school as well.

They both don’t have jobs yet but Rosie wants to go for a voice over training

Rosie said her family are dependent on her.

Kachi said his primary education would be her and then his family
He wants to meet her family as soon as they leave here.

Kachi told her that once they leave the house, he will go see her parents so they will be together as per marriage

Rosie agrees to bear his name. They have already talked about it.

Kachi said him and Rosie look alike.
She will be Rosie Oluwabunmi Kachi Uche awu.

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