Aunty Leaves The Ultimate Love Show

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Today, the Ultimate love couples received Aunty but it was not at the lounge as usual. It was in the courtyard. In fact, the spot where Aunty stood on was barricaded.

Aunty has announced to the love guests that her visits to the love pad have come to an end. Moving forward, they will be no more one on one sessions with aunty, no more Monday missions, no more masterclasses and resource persons and definitely, no more cultural nights.

According to Aunty, this is in order to prepare the love couples for the grand finale. But obviously, she just didn’t want to reveal to the love couples what has been happening outside – The Corona Virus.

It appears the organizers have taken these measures to keep the love guests saved from the pandemic.

It was not easy for Aunty to say her goodbyes to the love guests – it was quite sad. It was even more difficult for the love guests who all broke down upon learning that Aunty will stop visiting.

The coronavirus has definitely had severe impacts on the Ultimate love show so far. The live show even held in an empty studio today. Let’s see how the final two weeks will look like.

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