First Ever Astronomy Telescopes Arrive Cameroon

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Mr. Monteh Roland, the NOC (National Outreach Coordinator) of IAU (International Astronomical Union) for CAMEROON has just been offered beginner telescopes to promote Astronomy in Cameroon.

Mbonteh heads a NOC committee in Cameroon that carries out Astronomy Outreach and all Astronomy activities in Cameroon. He has also created the Astronomy Club Of Cameroon (ACOC) and Astronomy Outreach Of Cameroon where they report happenings in outer space.

Through them, any organization in Cameroon or an individual can apply for a telescope contest by summiting a proposal to Mbonteh. University students and secondary school students can as well apply for grants by seating for an Astronomy contest. The winners get a price worth $750 each.

According to Mbonteh Roland, these are good opportunities for students. They can google IAU online to know more.

More interestingly, Mbonteh and his organization recently worn a telescope from an international contest. Another Telescope worth millions was offered to them by Books For Mbonteh Mbonteh.

Their group is made up of professional amateur outreach Coordinators / amateur Astronomy enthusiasts / creative minds and government authorities. They equally need lecturers/Dr. and professors in this mission and they have some so far. They are also in need of a journalist who will publish their activities.
“All these we do for the love and promotion of science internationally for free.” Mbonteh tells us.

“I’m very grateful to my mentor and Sponsor for Books for Mbonteh Mbonteh, Francis Walsh (photo attached) for his financial support, without which it would have been extremely difficult to get the telescopes from the customs. We are also grateful to ( Bresser) that donated these scopes to Astronomy Club Of Cameroon for free.This has made me to be the first to see space in Cameroon with a telescope just like Galileo.” Mbonteh adds

Mbonteh Roland is a Space Enthusiast who intends to be the first Cameroonian to travel to Space. Read his story here

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