Ultimate Love Week7 Checkout Predictions

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Hello… Welcome to Our Ultimate Love Week7 Checkout Predictions, the last for this season.

So far, we have done 4 Checkout Predictions and we have gotten 3 right. That’s 75% accuracy rate. We hope we get this last one right as well, and we are sure we will.

This week, five couples were nominated for possible checkout on Sunday. These couples are ObiEbi, Iykeresa, Roksie, PreshDavid and Double Chris.

Who May Survive Checkout This Week

Roksie (Rosie and Kachi)

Ultimate Love Week7 Checkout Predictions

Needless to say that is quite obvious. They are a very strong pair and their fans will definitely vote to keep them in the love pad this week. Their fans have always ensured that they top the polls whenever they are up.

Iykeresa (Iyke and Theresa)

Ultimate Love Week7 Checkout

Another very strong pair. They have equally topped the polls severally.
Iykeresa and Roksie have never been up for possible checkout together. Well, let’s see who tops the poll between the two couples this week.

ObiEbi (Obichukwu and Ebiteinye)

Ultimate Love Week7 Predictions

It’s amazing how this couple has grown from managing to survive checkout to getting a comfortable safe – second position on the checkout results last week.
ObiEbi can definitely not leave this. They have grown stronger and better and of course they have won the hearts of many more fans who will vote to keep them in the love pad this week.

Double Chris (Chris and Chris Ville)

They may not be as strong as the three couples we have just talked about but we are certain their fan base is strong enough to keep them in the house this week. Yeah! Their fans gat this!

Sadly, this leaves us with PreshDavid. We think they were far more stronger in the beginning than they are now. Well, a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then and things have definitely changed. Most fans on social media just can’t wait to see the couple out of that love pad. For whatever reason, we are not sure of.
It just may be PreshDavid this week.

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What do you think about our Ultimate Love Week7 Checkout Predictions. Who do you think will leave this week? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Remember, this is just a prediction. Vote for your favourite.

Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Ultimate Love Week7 Checkout Predictions

  1. Preshdavid is leaving the love pad this week. Presh talker’s behaviour towards David Wilson has left much to be desired. She turned out to be stubborn and controlled David at own will. Some fans are still not happy with what David Wilson did to Rosie.This reduced their fan base.

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