Ultimate Love Check Out Tonight

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Obiebi and PreshDavid have become the firth and sixth couples to check out from the Ultimate Love Show. They were evicted this Wednesday evening. The check out was pushed back from Sunday to Wednesday due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The checkout show held at the auditorium with one of the hosts OluwaSeun. A section of the auditorium was barricaded separating the host and the love guests. Segun proceeded to read a letter from Aunty. The letter reminded them about the changes to the show and further revealed that the grand finale has been moved back to this Sunday.

Segun then announced that Obiebi has been checked out.

He also announced that Presh David has been checked out as well.

The show will now end a week earlier on Sunday, March 29, 2020.

We wish the couples the best in their relationships and endeavours.

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