Ultimate Love Winner: Voting Poll

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We are gradually getting to the end of Nigeria’s Number 1 love reality TV show, Ultimate Love. The show ends this Sunday, March 29, a week earlier than planned due to the corona virus pandemic. However we believe the love guests have found what they set out seven weeks ago to find – true love.

This means on Sunday, one couple takes it all five million naira, a lavish traditional wedding and a furnished mansion. We still have five couples in the running for that grand prize. They are Bolar, Double Chris, Chivia, Iykeresa and Roksie.

Who are you rooting and voting for? Who do you think will be crowned as the Ultimate couple on Sunday. Please, vote below and see results. You can vote as many times as possible.

Let’s see who that couple may just be.


16 thoughts on “Ultimate Love Winner: Voting Poll

  1. I believe in Iykeresa and love the from day one,,, they found each other and showed us that despite abuses they went through that
    in that house they still remained on each others back so pliz crown them the winners
    We need to see their wedding

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