Did Iyke Tell Theresa He Is Not Ready For Marriage?

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Did Iyke Tell Theresa He Is Not Ready For Marriage? This has been trending on social media for several hours now. You must be wondering if it is true or not. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

After check out last night, it was revealed to the love guests that this is their last week in the house as the show will officially end a week earlier, on March 29.

When Iykeresa learnt that this will be their last week in the love pad they decided to look back on how their journey has been so far in the house – how they found each and how they eventually ended up with each other.

At some point of their discussion, they asked themselves if they are ready for marriage. For Iykeresa, the answer was “Yes.” She said she has found someone she is truly happy with and so, she doesn’t see why she shouldn’t be.

For Iyke, that depends on if they emerge as the Ultimate couple of the show. He said if they win on Sunday, they are going to get married immediately but if they don’t win, they won’t get married immediately because he will need to find a good job first so that he can be able support his family. But if he had a good job already, it would have been easier for them to get married now.

So he didn’t say he does not want to get married to Theresa or something. He just said the Ultimate prize will facilitate the marriage process but if that doesn’t happen, the marriage may not come immediately. He will definitely need money for the wedding, for a house and of course to start their family.

If they win, they can get married immediately because the organizers of the show will sponsor their wedding, provide a comfortable home for them and of course, give them some money.

So Iyke loves Theresa and he is ready to get married to her. It may not be immediately but definitely.

1 thought on “Did Iyke Tell Theresa He Is Not Ready For Marriage?

  1. The statement iyke gave shows that he is not ready for marriage. No conditions are supposed to be attached. He wants a good job,what if he finds a after five years. By virtue of being in the love pad,he is now a celebrity a lot of ladies admire him and of course a crush may give him a job and that will be the end with Theresa. The fact is iyke is not ready.

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