Ultimate Love Winner: Predictions

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In a few days, we will know the couple that will be crowned as Ultimate love winner for Season 1 – The Ultimate Couple.

In this article, we will try to predict who that winner will be. It’s the final week and of course, we have our Top five couple still in the love pad. In alphabetical order, they are Bolar, Chivia, Double Chris, Iykeresa and Roksie.

Who among these five couples will walk away with it all?

These couples are all strong and that is why they made it to the Grand finale. They have all survived check out at least once. So they all have a chance at the grand prize. However some couples are definitely stronger than others when it comes to the strength of their fan bases.

Without further ado, we believe Iykeresa and Roksie will be the last two couples standing. Obviously, the strength of their different fan bases is stronger than that of any other couple in the love pad.

Ultimate Love Winner: Predictions

These two were on the chopping block on quite a number of times and they did not only survive, they topped the polls.

Talking about the most trending couples, Iykeresa and Roksie have arguably been among the top three most trending couples we have seen during this show.

Ultimate Love Winner:

However, there can only be one winner and our prediction is that winner will be Roksie.

Why Roksie? They have never been beaten in any official checkout poll. They have topped every checkout poll that they have featured in including that of the last check out. They beat even Iykeresa in that one as well.

Roksie also has a huge fan base. The support has been massive. They are every where, twitter, instagram, facebook, whatsapp and other platforms. Comparatively, this fan base seems to be bigger than that of every other couple.

That is why we think Roksie may just be the ultimate couple.

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What do you think about our Ultimate love winner predictions? Who do you think will be crowned the Ultimate couple. Please, share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Remember, this is just a prediction. Hope you have voted for your favorite.

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