Biography Of Kachi Ultimate Love, Age, Occupation, etc

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You must have been searching for the biography of Kachi in Ultimate Love, Kachi’s age, Kachi’s occupation, How many children does Kachi have? Kachi’s pictures. We got you covered.

Biodata of Kachi Ultimate Love Guest 2020

This is a Biodata of Kachi Ultimate Love guest, which contains his full name, age, state of origin, Occupation, Number of Children, if any, hobbies and others.

Full Name: Ucheagwu “Kachi” Onyeka

Age: Kachi is 32 years old as of 2020

State of Origin: Imo State, Nigeria

Kachi’s Occupation: Serial entrepreneur/ Web Developer

Gender: Male

Hobbies: Loves Music, Culture and Tradition

Marital Status: Was Engaged to Rosie (Rosemary Afuwape) on March 29, 2019 but they have now broken up.

Number of children: 00

His ideal proposal should take her by storm.

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Kachi is one of the 23 love Guests of the Nigerian love reality TV show, Ultimate Love. He was later paired with Rosie to form Roksie as a couple in the ultimate love pad. 

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As a man from Imo State, the 32-year-old serial entrepreneur Kachi has a deep love for his culture and tradition. He firmly believes a man should always provide for his family but has a liberal side to too – he has always been open to a partner having her own identity and doing her own things freely.

Apparently, love has always been in his favour as his longest relationship stretched back to high school and lasted till he started working.

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According to Kachi, looks won’t knock him off his feet, as he doesn’t believe much in love at first sight and prefers to find something more tangible to win him over.

Apparently, Kachi is not one to give up on anyone he truly loves. In the Ultimate Love Pad, there was a triangle involving Kachi, Rosie and David and even when everyone thought he was going to lose Rosie, he stayed calm, persisted and that paid off as Roksie (Rosie and Kachi) went on to win the Ultimate Love Show.

That’s the Biography of Kachi Ultimate Love Guest. Thanks for reading.

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