Biography of Rosie Ultimate Love: Age, Children, Occupation etc

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You must have been searching for a biography of Rosie in Ultimate Love, Rosie’s age, How many children does Rosie have, Rosie’s occupation, Rosie’s birthday and others. We got you covered.

Here is the Biography of Rosemary Afuwape, Ultimate love guest.

Full Name: Oluwabunmi Rosemary Afuwape “Rose”
Age : 36 years

Birthday: 19 May, 1984

Gender: Female

State of Origin: Ogun State, Nigeria

Nationality: Nigerian

Occupation: Preschool teacher / Image and Brand Consultant

Religion: Christian

Education: Degree in International relations and a masters in Marketing Management

Status: Was Engaged to Kachi (they have now broken up).

Hobby: listening to music, Swimming and Cooking

Number of children: 02

Dream proposal: on the beach in the middle of a dreamy sunset.

Brief Biography of Rosie

Rosie is one of the Ultimate Love season one love guests. She was later paired with Kachi to form Roksie. They went on to win the show.

The Ogun State native is never short on contagious smiles. Love at first sight to her
means more than the physical and is determined by whether she feels a meaningful connection with a person.

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There is one thing she won’t compromise on and that is hooking up with a suitor before she feels safe and secure that they won’t take her on a fruitless ride. That is a mistake she would never want to make.

She is a beautiful lady who is truly passionate about grooming the next generation. Coming on the Ultimate Love show for her was her own way of telling the world that she is not ready to give up on love.

Biography of Rosie Ultimate Love: Age, Children, Occupation

Talking about not giving up on love, she went through a difficult heartbreak after dedicating 12 years to love.
Even at that, she was not ready to give up on her quest for love.

Fortunately, she found love in the Ultimate Love Pad. She and her partner Kachi went on to win the show on March 29,2020.

Biography of Rosie Ultimate Love: Age, Children,

After making a commitment to her, Kachi immediately proposed and of course, she said yes. They are engaged now and we can’t wait for the wedding.

That’s the Biography of Rosie in Ultimate Love for you. Thanks for reading.

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