Chris Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Occupation, State, etc

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Have you been searching for Chris Ultimate Love Biography, Chris’ Age, Chris’ Occupation, State of origin and others? We got you covered.

Biodata of Chris Ultimate Love

Full Name: “Chris” Adanna

Age: 35 years in 2020

Gender: Female

State of Origin: Abia State, Nigeria

Nationality: Nigerian

Occupation: Brand Architect

Status: Married with Chris Ville

Hobbies: Cooking and Dancing

Number of Children: None yet

Chris Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Occupation, State, etc

More on Chris Ultimate Love Biography

Chris is one of the Love guests of the Nigerian love reality TV show, Ultimate Love season 1. While in the Ultimate love pad, she got paired with Uche, a male love guest who came into the house five days later. However, Uche checked out voluntarily.

As a result of Uche’s decision, Chris was the only love guest in the house without a partner for about a week. Thankfully, three new love guests came into the house and one of them was Chris Ville. Chris and Chris Ville immediately got to know each other and decided to pair up. They became Double Chris. Double Chris got a lot of support from fans and these fans kept them in the house till the very last day. They emerged as third runners up of the show.

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Chris is cool, collected and calm but she, however, does not shy away from calling a spade a spade. She would say it as it is in front of you and not behind you. Thus, honesty and realness are some of the things she would love to see in her future spouse.

To Chris, there is no need going round in circles when telling the truth. This makes it easy for people to mistake her love for honesty for something else.

Though Chris has a very strong personality, she is ready to love and be loved. Going into the Ultimate love pad, she was not only willing to enjoy but to accept a marriage proposal from any of the guys she falls in love with on the show.

The outspoken Abia native is bold, smart, assertive, real, and would love to see some if not all of these qualities in her man. Certainly, Chris Ville has those qualities in abundance. Perhaps, that explains why they are so compatible

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