Chris Ville Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Occupation

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You probably have been searching for Chris Ville Ultimate Love Biography, Chris Ville’s age, Chris Ville’s occupation, and others. That is why we are here for you. This article contains the biodata of Chris Ville and other details about him.

Biodata of Chris Ville, 2020 Ultimate love guest.

Full Name                                 Chris Ville

Age                                              34 years old (2020)

Gender                                  Male

Nationality  of Chris Ville       Nigerian

State of Origin                         Undisclosed

Place of residence                 Lagos State

Marital status                          Married to Chris Adanne

Occupation                               Importer, Blogger and content promoter       

Hobbies                                     Chris Loves reading

Relationship status               In a relationship with Chris Adanna

Number of children              None for now

Chris Ville Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Occupation etc

More on the biography of Chris Ville.

Chris Ville is one of the 23 love guests of the Nigerian love reality TV show, ultimate love season one. He and two other love guests, Chiddi Banks, and Meriton were introduced into the show on the Evening of Friday 21, February 2020.

The tall, dark gentleman is effortlessly funny, fun to be with, intelligent and of course, know what to say just at the right time.

Going into the love pad, Chris Ville was out to find true love and happiness in the ultimate love show,  a lifetime partner and not just for games.

Apparently, he went into the love pad at the right time, when Chris Adanna needed a partner most. He got paired up with Chris Adanna and they became Double Chris. Their fans kept them in the Ultimate love pad until the very last day and they emerged as third runners up of the show.

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We will keep you posted on Chris Ville and his partner Chris Adanna, their relationship and endeavors. So visit this page regularly for more on Chris and Chris Ville.

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