Obichukwu Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Occupation

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Obichukwu is one of the 23 love guests in the first season of the Nigerian love reality TV show, Ultimate Love 2020. The Imo state born young businessman who is not only good looking but also admitted to having a big heart went into the love pad in search of his Ultimate love.

He believes that “A woman who can give peace of mind ” is an ideal woman and such a woman gets his fancy with regards to relationship. Adding that, a woman who is superficially beautiful but lacks compassion and care turns him off.

However, Obichukwu is that kind of guy that is a little uptight and principled. He’s also a cultured and traditional kind of guy who prefers to be the provider in his family.

He is a specialist in selling gadgets like cellphones and others but rather prefers spending more time on the phone with the love of his life. Obi has over time shown a passion for social work and determination to excel in his endeavors.      

Bio-Data of Obichukwu of the Ultimate Love Reality TV Show season 1

Full Name: Emeka Sunny Ewenike “Obichukwu

Age: 32 years’ old

Gender: Male

State of Origin: Imo State, Nigeria

Occupation: Business Man  

Status: In a relationship with Ebiteinye

Hobbies: Trading

Children: None for now.

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In the Ultimate love pad, he was paired with Ebiteinye. They became known as ObiEbi ad their fans kept them in the love pad until week seven when they were unfortunately checked out.

We will keep you posted on the Obichukwu and his partner Ebi, their relationship and other endeavors. So visit this site regularly for more on ObiEbi.

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