David Wilson Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Occupation

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Some questions frequently asked about David Wilson: Who is David Wilson, How old is David Wilson, Where is David Wilson from in Nigeria,Does David Wilson have children, Is David Wilson Married? David Wilson ultimate love biography, Pictures of Davido etc.

Some of these questions and many others about David Wilson will be answered in this article.

Biodata of David Wilson

Name: “David” Wilson

Age as of 2020: 34 years old

Gender: Male

State of Origin: Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Occupation: Master of Ceremony and entrepreneur


Love Music

Marital Status

In a relationship with Presh Talker

David Wilson is one of the 23 love Guests of the Nigerian love reality TV show, Ultimate Love season 1 2020. He entered the love pad on day one of the show.

He and Rosie immediately started talking and bounding with each other. Everyone thought they will end up as a couple until Presh Talker came in and everything changed.

David went for Presh instead. They got paired up and their couple name was PreshDavid. Their fans kept them in the love pad until week 7 when they unfortunately got checked out.

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