Louis Ultimate Love Biography, Age, Occupation

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Some questions commonly asked about Louis Ultimate Love: Who is Louis, how old is Louis, Does Love have a child, Louis Ultimate Love Biography.

These and other questions about Louis have been answered in this article.

Biodata of Louis Ultimate Love Guest

Louis’ full name

“Louis” Ejiofor

Age as of 2020

Louis is 33 years old

State of Origin

Delta State, Nigeria

Louis’ Occupation

TV content creator and producer




Love Good Music

Marital Status

In a relationship with Jenny Koko from Ultimate Love

Ideal proposal: Should have an element of surprise

Longest relationship: Latest for three years

Ideal partner: someone who is caring and will give of themselves as much he does.

Louis is one of the 23 love Guests of the Nigerian love reality TV show, Ultimate Love. He entered the love pad on the first day of the show (February 9, 2020).

He got paired with Jenny Koko. They stayed in the love pad until week 5 when they got checked out.

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