Most Handsome Ultimate Love Guest 2020

Most Handsome Ultimate lOVE GUEST
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Who is your most handsome Ultimate love guest in 2020? Scroll down, vote and see results. But first, let’s remind of all the 14 male love guests we had this season.

Henry Arnold Olatunde, 32 years old Writer, Singer, entrepreneur and content producer from Ogun state.

Most Handsome Ultimate Love Guest 2020

Chiddy Banks, 34 years old Human resource manager and entrepreneur.

Most Handsome Ultimate Love

Chris Vile, 33 years old Wellness blogger and entrepreneur

Most Handsome Ultimate Love Guest

David Wilson, 34 years old MC and entrepreneur from Bayelsa state.

Ikenna Iyke Nnama, 24 year old manufacturer from Enugh sate

Most Handsome Ultimate Love Guest

Jonathan Jay Benson, 35 year old engineer from Ebonyi state.

Jerry, 36-year-old Actor and Designer from Delta state.

Ucheagwu “Kachi” Onyeka, 32-year-old Serial entrepreneur from Imo state

Most Handsome Ultimate Love Guest 2020

“Louis” Ejiofor, 32 year old TV content creator and producer from Delta state.

“Michael” Ngene, 29-year-old Radio Presenter from Enugu state.

Emeka Sunny Ewenike Obichukwu, 32-year-old Social worker and businessman from Imo state.

Uchenna Nwakweze “Uche”, 28- year-old Development Economists from Anambra state.

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Now, you have seen all 22 male love guests. Who is the most handsome ultimate love guest? Vote below and see results.

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