Ultimate Love And BBNaija: Key Differences

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Ultimate Love And BBNaija: Key Differences And Similarities.How is Ultimate Love is different from Big Brother Naija and which do you prefer?

Scroll down, vote and see which show viewers prefer more.

Ultimate love and BBNaija are two Nigerian reality tv shows that are considered some of the bests on the continent. In this article we will analyze some key differences between the two show and we will also love you to tell us which show you prefer more.

BBNaija is an entertainment show that first premiered in 2006. Ultimate love on the other hand is a love show. It premiered in February 2020.

BBNaija has a central figure who is Big Brother. He is not seen but his voice does the magic. Ultimate love has a central figure as well but it’s Aunty. She can be seen by both those in the house and the viewers.

Individuals taking part in the BBNaija game are called Housemates. Individuals taking part in the Ultimate love show are called love guests.

The house. BBNaija: It is called The BBNaija house. Ultimate love: it is called the love pad.

Nominations: In the BBNaija house, nominations are done secretly on Monday. The Head of House has the privilege to save one of the nominated housemates and replace with another. In the Ultimate love pad, nominations are done openly on Sunday. There is no save an replace, rather Aunty can save one couple after sending two couples to a Monday mission. She can however, not replace that couple with another.

Ultimate Love And BBNaija: Key Differences

BBNaija, housemates are evicted (Live eviction show). Ultimate love: Love guests are  checked out (Live Checkout show).

Hosts. The BBNaija Show is anchored by one host only. The current host is Ebuka-Obi Uchendu. Ultimate love show is anchored by two hosts. The current hosts are Dakore Egbuson Akande and Oluwaseun P Olaniyan.

Ultimate Love And BBNaija:
BBNaija Host: Ebuka-Obi
Ultimate Love And BBNaija: Key Differences And Similarities
Ultimate love hosts: Oluwaseun and Dakore

Parties. Weekly parties are never absent. In the BBNaija house, parties take place at the party room on Saturdays. In the Ultimate love pad, love guest party every Friday at the garden.

Head of House: In the BBNaija house, there is a head of house who helps Big brother in managing the house. In the Ultimate love pad, there is no Head of House.

Sessions. In the Big brother house, there are weekly or sometimes biweekly sessions with Big brother and the housemates. In the Ultimate love pad, there are weekly one on one sessions with Aunty and the love guests or couples.

Games. In the big brother house, there are several games including the head of house tasks, arena games, nomination games and others, In the Ultimate love pad, there are games as well including the love nest challenge, Wednesday night games and others.

Food. In the BBN house, housemates are provided food based on if the won their their weekly wager or not. In the Ultimate love pad, love guests are provided food every week as there are no wagers.

Grand Prize. BBNaija: 45 Million N in cash, a car and other prizes (Total = 60 million N). Ultimate love: 5 million in cash, a lavish traditional wedding worth 10 million N and a home.

Both shows are organized by the same group, which is Multichoice Nigeria. Big Brother naija has a headline sponsor and that is Bet9ja. Ultimate love has no headline sponsor at the moment.

On both shows viewers have the privilege of deciding who stays in the house or leaves via their votes.

Compared to Big brother naija, Ultimate love is more of a family show, less drama and and less of some of those things that make BBN what it is.

Now, you know how different the Ultimate love show is different from BBNaija. If the organizers were considering your opinion in bringing back one of the shows in the nearest future, which show would you want back on your screens? You can vote as many times as possible.

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