Mercy And Ike, What Next? Episode 3

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Mercy woke up from bed and she isn’t feeling quite well. So she decides to go see her doctor.

The doctor ran some tests and told her she needs more rest and a lot of water as well. Basically, she needs to relax more.

She returns home with two bags. It appears she did some shopping on her way back.

Mercy heads out for a meeting with her lawyer, Mr. Chijoke. It’s revealed that she wants to go into real estate business. It will be called Lambo Homes.
So she’s got her legal team involved in the project and they intend to help her sell the best houses in Lagos. She has always wanted to do this and even started before Big Brother. She used part of her Big Brother money on this.

Mercy thinks she may be going through a lot of stress. She breaks down and says sometimes, she just wants to rest and be taken care of.

Mercy tells Ike she wants to take a trip to the United Kingdom (UK) but apparently, Ike is too busy to come along. So she may just go alone.

Interestingly and funny enough, Ike still wants Mercy to share her Prize money with him πŸ˜‚. According to Ike, he deserves half the prize because he gave all her coins to Mercy and that help her to get a position in the grand finale and win eventually.

Mercy finally travelled without Ike. Ike had a conversation with his friend Magnito. He says things would have been different if Ike and Mercy were in the states. They would have probably had one or two businesses together. His friends reminded him he has to take the entire baggage as it is. Staying here is the price he has to pay for being with Mercy.

Mercy lets her older sister Promise in on her plan to let Ike move in with her. However, Promise doesn’t think it’s quite a good idea. Promise adds that she doesn’t see the seriousness in Ike. To her, Ike may not be quite ready for marriage.

More updates on Mercy and Ike, What Next? On Sunday

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