Big Brother Naija “Lockdown”

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our precious BBNaija show has been put on hold. We don’t know when the show will return back to our screens. Well, we know that won’t be anytime soon. But what if we could do an online version of the show just to keep ourselves entertained and not miss the show too much.

Kamer Connect will be organizing an online version of the show during this lockdown to keep our readers entertained.

So the game is going to be called Big Brother Naija “Lockdown”.

The show will feature 25 housemates from the three previous seasons; five from See Gobe, ten from Double Wahala and 10 from Pepper Dem. We will reveal these housemates on the opening date which is May 17, 2020 at 7pm. So visit Kamer Connect at this time to find out who the 25 housemates participating on our online version of Big brother are.

Each week they will be nominations and evictions. You the fans of the show will nominate two housemates each on Monday for possible eviction on Sunday. The housemates with the most nominations will be put up for eviction on Monday evenings.

Nominations will open at 7pm and close at 9pm on Mondays

Voting (online only) will open on Monday evening at 9:30pm and then close on Friday at midnight.

You will have access to the voting poll and will see the results yourselves.

The housemates(s) with the least votes will be evicted on Sunday.

The other housemates will play on until we have our finalists and then the winner.

There will be fun challenges among housemates but you know this is an online version. So those challengers will be played by the supporters of the housemates on behalf of their favorites.

The show will run for a period of 61 days (May 17 to July 17 2020)

To make the show more interesting, twists and other needed details will be added to the show in due time. We will also want you to tell us how you think we can make the show more interesting.

Don’t miss the reveal show on Sunday at 7PM here on

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  1. Is the show not going to show on our screen? If no I would like to know the channel no thanks on gotv and dstv

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