Mercy And Ike, What Next? Episode 4

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It’s another Sunday and of course, there is a show we always look forward to on this day: Mercy and Ike, What Next? If you missed anything today, then we got you covered. Let’s tell you what happened today.

The show begins with a video call between Ike and Mercy. Ike says they need to talk. Ike complains about a picture and video of Mercy and a guy that surfaced on social media. In the video, Mercy and a guy are seen having drinks together.

Mercy explains that there is nothing between her and this guy and that is why she posted the picture. She wouldn’t have if there was anything.

Ike goes to Mercy’s house and he is welcomed by Promise. He complains about the fact that Mercy is out of the country having fun with some other guy and he is here alone. He also complains about the picture. Her sister says Mercy is all hers and there is nothing going on between her and any other guy.

Ike and Mercy are on another video call. They talk about the effect of the internet on their relationship. Most often, things get blown out of proportion. For example, the picture.

Here is the picture causing the entire Wahala

Ike visits the club for some fun. He says since Mercy is in London having fun, he too should have some fun.

He calls his cousin Pascal to find out what social media is saying about their relationship. Pascal says they are saying he deserves better; someone better than Mercy.

Ike visits the gym, apparently to get his mind off everything. There is a whole lot going on between him and Mercy, there is the internet that isn’t letting them rest.

Promise and Gozie, Mercy’s elder brother visit Ike. Ike is still complaining about the picture and the video. Promise gives her more assurance.

Finally, Mercy is back. Mercy and her siblings discuss the whole brouhaha between her and Ike. Mercy questions if she is not allowed to have male friends? She and her sister agree that she has her life to live.

Promise adds that she has not seen any commitment from Ike and is getting tired of the drama from Ike and her family. According to Mercy, if anyone wants to restrict her from doing anything, the person should go and see her father and pay her bride price.

Next: Mercy is out with her friends and one of her friends says she is the one running after Ike and that shouldn’t be the case. Ike and Mercy talk more about what has been happening lately between them. They seem to disagree on some core issues. Let’s find out next week.

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