Mercy And Ike, What Next? Episode 6

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Pasal, Ike’s cousin comes into Ike’s room and advises Ike to talk to Mercy and find out what exactly is going on between her and the UK guy. He says it’s been trending online. Ike is really happy Pascal came to talk to him. Pascal adds that he should just have fun, live his life and avoid giving out drama for now.

He tells Ike that if he wants to give the relationship another chance, he should but he shouldn’t lose himself trying to do that. Ike says the only way he can give the relationship another chance is if they did not “do the do.”

Mercy calls Ike and says she has been calling him all day but he has not been picking or returning the calls. Ike apologizes and says he is in front of Mercy’s house but doesn’t want to come inside. He says he is not coming in anymore. He just wants to make some changes. Mercy feels the relationship is putting some burden on her mental health.

Mercy is not happy with the fact that Ike let his fans dragged her and he didn’t say anything to stop them.

Ike says he has no secret plan for revenge. He just wants to make things right and if Mercy does not want that, she should tell him.

Mercy suggests they see a therapist and Ike agrees.

Mercy visits Ike to cook for him and it’s pepper soup. She says that would help them bond more and make up. Ike joins her in the kitchen and they talk as Mercy cooks.

Ike says the pepper soup tastes and smells so nice. “I need you to cook like this for me every day,” Ike says.

Ike is on his way for a Tinsel audition. He says he has always wanted to act and model. He auditions in front of three judges. They judges say they will get back to him.

Mercy is at Royal hair for a photo-shoot. She is an ambassador of the brand. It was quick and she was quite excited about it.

NEXT: Ike is apparently proposing to Mercy.

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