Mercy And Ike, What Next? Episode 7

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The episode opens with Mercy and her assistant having a business convo. They are discussing marketing strategies.

Ike goes to get more tattoos on his hands. He later takes Mercy out on a diner date. He brings flowers for her. They talk about their relationship and Mercy asks about his plans. They both play with Ike’s ring and Mercy asks when he is going to put a ring on her own finger.

Ike has a lot of plans for them and those plans will unfold gradually.

Ike shows her his new tattoos and one of them is the Big Brother logo, the eye. Mercy compliments the tattoo.

Mercy asks him about settling down plans. Ike asks if she wants marriage. She says “something like that.”

They talk about the future and plans, plans of doing more businesses, getting more assets. Ike is ready to give his 200% to ensure the relationship works. Mercy is really happy Ike brought her out and they say they love each other. Ike walks Mercy out as they end their date.

Ike goes to see his friend, a photographer. He wants to get some photography lessons. They both get to the studio and Ike learn a few things about photography. Ike really has plans to make it big in photography.

Mercy and her Sis Promise are discussing and Mercy tells her she wants to see a therapist. Promise says Ike is the Ultimate cause for what so ever reason she thinks she wants to see a therapist for.

Next: there is more about the ring and settling down.

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