BBN Pepper Dem Reunion: The Ella, Venita – Mercy Brouhaha, Fans React

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Last night’s edition of the Pepper Dem Reunion seems to be the most interesting we have seen so far.

Ebuka asked a question about Ella and in response, Venita said she sees Ella as someone who is very deceitful. According to Venita, when Ella’s mum was sick, Ella publicly beg for assistance and they the ex housemates decided to help her since she is one of them.

According to Venita, when Ella received the money, she shared photos of herself the next day all made up, doing her music at a beech. She wouldn’t expect someone whose mum is sick to act that way. She added that Ella didn’t even come back to them with any feedback. She thinks Ella may probably be bipolar and has like 5 personalities.

Venita feels Ella may have lied about her mother.

Mercy in support of what Venita was saying, asked Ella “What do you do with your resources? Do you do drugs?”

Of course, Ella gave her an emphatic “No” for an answer and added that she use her resources to take care of her mother and invest in her music as well.

Kim Oprah added that they even wanted to go see Ella’s mum at the hospital but she didn’t give them any access.

According to Ella, her mum didn’t want anyone to see her in that state. Apparently, what the other exhousemates said was very heartbreaking to Ella. She kept trying to defend herself and even broke down in theirs before walking out of set.

The event of last night has set social media on fire as expected. Some fans are blaming Mercy and Venita for pulling down a fellow lady on national TV. Check their comments below.

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