BBNaija Strongest Fans Ever – The Ultimate Fans

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One thing that has definitely stood out in all the seasons of BBNaija has been the fans; some stronger, more supportive, more popular more protective and defensive than others.

In 2018 (BBNaija Double Wahala), we saw those fans during and after the show. We still remember the interesting and long-lasting battles between Alex’s fans and Cee-C’s fans (Spartans).

These two camps were always at each other’s throats, shading, dragging and attacking the housemate they didn’t support. With time, all that has reduced. We hardly see them shading and dragging each other’s favorite again.

In 2019 (BBNaija Pepper Dem), we equally had two camps of fans that stood out. The Mecenaries giving Mercy their 100% and Titans showing Tacha unconditional love.

In case you don’t know, A Mercenary is a soldier who is paid to fight by a country or group that they do not belong to. Well, in this case, an ex housemate (Mercy) and they are not paid to do so.

A Titan on the other hand is a person of enormous size, strength, power, influence, etc. That is more or less, a true definition of Tacha’s Titans, isn’t it?

These two camps will do anything to support their queens and they will NEVER accept that they are wrong even if they are. Their love and support are truly unconditional. They would want their favorites to win at all cost to prove to everyone that they are in deed the best. Their loyalty is out of this world.

Now, which fan base would you consider as your strongest fan base of all time, your Ultimate fan base, Alex’s fans, Cee-C Nation, Mercenaries or Titans?

Vote below and see who is winning. You can vote as many times as possible.

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