Mercy And Ike, What Next? Episode 10

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Today’s episode of Mercy and Ike reality tv show opens with Mercy getting ready for the AMVCAs. Iyke is also getting set at his place and he is pretty excited because it’s a dream come true for him and he also has an award to present. Of course, she won best dressed award.

Mercy signs a new endorsement deal with UNICS Motors and she feels really honored. It’s a win win for her. She also got a car from the brand. She says many people said winners of the show don’t always make it, they just disappear after the show but that isn’t the case with her because she is making it big and she has even tripled the cash. That makes her proud of herself.

There is a family meeting at Ike’s place. His aunt, Aunty Cleo called for the meeting and Ike’s Uncle, Uncle Charles and wife are also present. They are discussing the social media issues that have been coming up recently.

They talk about Ike’s relationship with Mercy. Aunty Cleo says a lot of things get blown out of proportion on the social media and Ike should not let that influence their relationship. Aunty Cleo says she can’t just take only Ike’s side because he is her nephew. Ike says they are supposed to support him rather and cut Mercy off 100%. Aunt Cleo says no, that wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Ike says he thinks Aunty Cleo only sees the right side of Mercy.

Aunty Cleo says Ike should not listen to fans and others especially if what they are saying won’t help to build their relationship.

His Uncle says Ike should invite Mercy with some family members that matter to her and he (Uncle Charles) will come with his own family members and they will talk.

Ike goes to Mercy’s house and tells her about the meeting he had with his aunts and uncle. He says he feels they need to talk because he thinks they understand themselves better than their relatives. Ike tells her she needs to meet with his family to discuss if they want to continue with the relationship on a marriage level.

 Mercy says it’s not proper and she is not going to have that meeting. She adds that they should talk to her mum. She says she can’t go see her boyfriend’s family if she is having issues with her boyfriend.

Ike says if they are looking at this on a marriage; level because that is what Mercy wants, then they have to have the meeting. Ike doesn’t think his family is intruding. To him, his family only wants the best for him as far as marriage is concerned.

Mercy says she has to call her mum, Promise, Uncle Uzor because she can’t just face them alone. If her sister says No, then she won’t.

She calls her sister and tells her. She says she feels like they want her to come and apologize to them.

Her sister says she should go but she should tell them to go to Owerri and meet her parents.

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