BBNaija Reunion: Diane And Elozonam – The Mawuli Factor

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Tonight’s edition of the reunion was super juicy and interesting. Major highlight was the love story between Diane and Elo.

Ebuka first asked how they got attracted to each other. Elo said when he got into the house, it was difficult for him to easily get along with others and Diane helped him settle down. He got to really really like Diane along the line.

For Diane, the feeling was mutual, she really liked Elo in the house.

Now, what happened after the house? Diane says Elo is very unforgiving and so things couldn’t work out between them. She adds that Elo is not like Ike who goes all the way for Mercy. She feels people put a lot into his head.

Elo thinks it’s very ironical that Diane is saying that. He said in the house he treated Diane like a woman should be treated, like an egg and he really really liked her. He told Diane how he felt and they agreed to see how they could make things work outside. But the point is Diane puts him like fourth or fifth on her list of people who matter to her. There is Mercy, Ike, Sir Dee, Tuoyo and even someone else outside before Elo.

Things got heated when Elo brought up the issue of this other person outside. Ebuka asked who he is but Diane insisted that the person shouldn’t be mentioned, adding that he has nothing to do with the show.

Apparently, this is someone Diane has a crush on or so. Ebuka wanted to find out how this person affected Diane and Elo’s relationship after the house but Diane didn’t want to open up on that. At this point Elo was about to let the cat out of the bag but Diane wouldn’t allow that.

As they all (Elo, Diane, Mercy, Ike) kept going back and forth, the name Mawuli came up, gbam! gbam! Ebuka literally mentioned that name himself. And the Internet was on fire.

Diane immediately got up and walked out. Apparently, she felt really hurt.

Mawuli Gavor (Ghanaian) is a Nigerian Actor. He has featured in soap operas such as Hush, Battleground and Truth. He also starred in Chief Daddy. He is one of the presenters of 53 Extra.

For now, we don’t know what Mawuli did or did not do. Hopefully, this will unfold in the next episode. But the point is Mawuli was the straw that broke the camel’s backs as far as the Dialo ship is concerned.

The show continues on Tuesday. We will continue the gist after that.

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