How The Housemates Voted For Eviction Week 2

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Eric, Lilo, Ka3na or Praise: starting with Brighto, here are the Votes from last night’s Eviction:

HousematesWho they Voted to be Evicted
BrightoEric and Ka3na
DorathyEric and Lilo
KiddwayaKa3na and Lilo
EricaEric, Lilo
LayconKa3na and Eric
KaishaKa3na and Lilo
NeoKa3na and Lilo
NengiKa3na and Praise
OzoKa3na and Lilo
TolanibajKa3na and Eric
TochiPraise and Eric
VeeKa3na and Lilo
TrikyteeKa3na and Praise
PrinceEric and Lilo
LucyEric and Lilo

Total number of Votes for bottom four

HousemateTotal number of Votes

Ka3na and Lilo got evicted.

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