Nengi And Ozo Have An Interesting Late Night Conversation On Their Situation-ship -BBN

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Last night, Nengi and Ozo kept us glued to our screens with their conversation on their current situation-ship. Did you miss anything? Here is the full convo

Nengi And Ozo Have An Interesting Late Night Conversation

Ozo to nengi: why is it that we stopped talking?

Nengi: why did you stop talking to me?

Ozo: No, I told you the whole truth and how I felt I didn’t want to be in a sort of a triangle thing.

Nengi: if anyone dared you in the house and asked who u liked, I would be cool with any answer that you give. That is why I felt it was childish for you to act like that because you and I never had any conversations of feelings not so? But I felt that I was closer to you than the others and that was childish and yes you were supposed to be upset but at least you could have come to me. At least I tried and you ignored me on many occasions.

Ozo: so that is why you did not even want to say a happy birthday properly to me in the morning.

Nengi: no I was rushing because the alarm rang for us to go for workout, and I also wanted to go and brush my teeth and get ready but still u didn’t answer me even when I said a happy birthday, what I don’t understand is why people have issues over something that I don’t even know about, you should have mentioned to them and made everything clear that there is nothing.

Ozo: no I made it clear as well that I don’t want to get involved in all this so after you gave that speech on Sunday everyone was looking at me sideways and expecting something.

Nengi: why would they look to it in that way when someone has not been talking to me over a week and over nothing but over just a game?

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Ozo: I can’t lie, even me as a human being I’m real I also don’t expect certain things to happen in my life.

Nengi: in this house they are people who you think they are your friends but they really are not your friends, cuz if you were my Friend you could not really stay a week without talking to me as your friend cuz all I expected is us to talk. Is that how you behave when you get pissed?

Ozo: for me  how I deal with situations is, I choose to step back, just like today I had an issue with Watoni over cleaning which she didn’t cooperate, I didn’t finalize things with her there and then I let it be and I talked to her after 2hours later.

Nengi: that is quite immature. How do you stop being friends with someone over a truth a question?

Ozo: you are skipping the Saturday issue Nengi

Nengi: why are you taking the Saturday issue personal cuz everyone told every other person I love u so why is my own different? Because I really feel you and I are not friends at all I can’t even say we are friends coz I don’t know what we are and I don’t want any sort of tension and Prince is the one who is close to me now. Before him, I only had you who I was only close to not until the thing that happened and you no longer talked to me.

Ozo: no I still think you are a nice person, believe you me I don’t think you are a bad person.

Prince comes to the garden, Neng i to Prince: Prince, are you going to bed now?

Prince: yeah almost going, are you coming?

Nengi: soon

Nengi to ozo: I told you I don’t want to be in a relationship

Ozo: who wants to date you?

Nengi: ok so why are you catching feelings, like you even stopped talking to me for you to beef me over a week cuz someone said they like me? You just ignored me, wen answering me u would look away

Ozo: No I was not ignoring you, it’s not like that!!

Nengi: You are so mean, you kept ignoring me,I told u let’s go and eat u were like no!!Let’s do this no!!

Big Brother takes camera away from Nengi and Ozo.

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