Erica Breaks Up With Kidd – BBNaija Lockdown

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Unfortunately, the KiddRica ship hit the rocks last night after sailing for just less than three weeks.

Last night, Kidd went to meet Erica when she was having her left over cake from the other night. Here is their convo:

Erica: Your actions will definitely bring drama. As I said, makx 0ut with you was unplanned, I regret that but I sha enjoyed it. But I’m not ready for anything. Can we just be friends like we were before?

Kidd: Yeah, sure but we will still eat together right?

Erica: Yes, but no more feelings.

Kidd seems not to be bothered about this, but why though? Kidd later told Nengi about it and added that he was not actually looking for a friendship.

Perhaps Erica made that decision because she thinks Kidd is not serious about the whole relationship thingi as she had earlier said.

But could this also be because of Laycon? Remember that Laycon had earlier told Erica that he likes her. He finally told her how he feels about her. Erica in response said she is attracted to him mentally and loves talking to him but she is physically attracted to Kidd.

However, today, just the next day, Erica has gone back to Kidd and they are all together again.

Who do you think is a better match for Erica? Kiddwaya or Laycon?

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