How To Make Your Message Appear On BBNaija TV Screen

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How To Make Your Message Appear On BBNaija TV Screen, How to send your message to bbnaija tv.

Have been wondering how to make your messages appear on the BBNaija tv screen? We got you covered.

There are three different options to make your messages or comments appear on the BBNaija tv screen.

First Option: Using Africamagic tv/big brother msg2tv Portal

  • Visit the Africamagic big brother msg2tv portal by clicking here.
  • Click on the Facebook log in tab and sign in your Facebook account to get back to the portal.
  • In the message box, type in your comment or message you will like to show on the Big Brother Naija tv screen.
  • Click on the Send Message link below to submit your message for approval by big brother. After moderation, your message will be displayed on Big Brother Naija TV screen.

Second Option: SMS

You can as well send in your message using SMS.

Simply text your message to 32052.

Each SMS costs N30. This option is only available for viewers in Nigeria.

Messages will have to be approved by Big Brother before they appear on your Tv Screen.

Third Option: Twitter

If you are a twitter user, you can show your message on Big Brother Naija TV screen by tweeting with the hashtag #bbnaija or using the tag @bbnaija.

After sending your message using any of the three options, just relax, stay glued to your tv screen and wait to see your message on the BBNaija screen.

Some Important guidelines you need to follow to ensure that your message gets to tv.

  1. Use language that is generic for everyone to understand. That’s is English.
  2. Do not include website links, IG or FB links and blog links, or any link what so ever in your message.
  3. Do not make any statements that are abusive, constitute hate speech or religious persecution.
  4. For social media profiles, your profile picture CANNOT describe any nudity. Make sure that your profile picture is APPROPRIATE.
  5. Your social media handles should contain appropriate names, on all social platforms.
  6. Your messages cannot contain any form of advertisement. Advertisements of any kind are prohibited. i.e. WhatsApp groups, Instagram pages to follow, your products on sale, etc.

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