Big Brother Goes On Vacation – BBNaija Lockdown

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Big Brother revealed to the Head Of House Kiddwaya in the diary room this evening that he is has a secret mission for him.

He said he is going on a vacation and for the next few days, the house will be without Big Brother’s voice. Kiddwaya has to keep this as a secret and no other housemate must find out that Big Brother has gone on a vacation.

It is certain that the housemates will notice the absence of Big Brother’s voice but when this happens, Kidd must find a way to convince them that Big Brother is in the house. He can say anything at all but the fact that Big Brother is on vacation.

If Kidd keeps this secret, then he will be rewarded when Big Brother resumes.

Big Brother played a sound and every time Kidd hears that sound, he has to report to the diary room to get whatever message Big Brother has for the house.

Big Brother reminded him that he is always watching.

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