Erica And Kiddwaya Called To Order For Disrespecting Big Brother

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Kiddwaya and Erica were called to order today for gross disrespect to Big Brother and viewers.

Big brother played a video showing Erica and Kidd flipping their fingers to the camera (the f* you sign).

The first time they did it was when Big Brother issued strikes to them for disrespecting the HOH rules. Big brother let that slide but Kidd did it again last night.

Big brother said this is totally unacceptable as it goes against the house rules. Erica who already has two strikes was issued a strong and final warning while Kidd was issued a strike. Kidd now has two strikes, same as Erica.

Erica is lucky it was just a final warning for her. She would have been disqualified if it was a third strike.

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