The Nengi, Kiddwaya And Ozo Bathroom Drama

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Did you miss the trending zip drama between Nengi, Ozo and Kidd last night?

Last night Ozo walked in on Nengi with Kiddwaya alone in the toilet with the zip of her costume down. That wasn’t exactly something he  was expecting and this had him upset.

Ozo didn’t hesitate to let her know when she asked him why he was acting weird to her. She explained she had difficulty zipping up her costume because it was too long, and she asked Kiddway to help her.

According to Nengi, Kiddwaya was just helping her and it meant nothing. “If anything, Kidd is like my brother in this House; get it into your head, let it sink… Like you are my brother,” She said indicating what type of relationship she has with Kiddwaya and also reminding Ozo of how she felt about him.

Ozo said he believed her and they both kept it moving.

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