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Yesterday was another day for the lockdown housemates to pour out their hearts to biggie in the diary room.

While talking about who to blame for the altercation during the Amatem Task, the Housemates talked about how they felt in the House. While a few felt great, others felt the energy in the House seems to have been low in recent times. Kiddwaya thinks this is due to the Housemates’ attitudes, them becoming too emotional and also because they are apparently getting fed up with each other after being together for so long.

For those who felt great, they have their wins from Tasks this week to thank for that. Nengi was particularly pleased about her Johnnie Walker win but slightly sad that she didn’t have enough time for the Oppo Task. Trikytee has just been in a great mood all week long. They also felt great about their wager task and they were all too pleased to talk about it.

Their Wager Task involved them celebrating some of the Evicted Housemates by acting like them. Not only were they pleased with their performance, but they were also happy they got to live some of the moments they had with the ex-housemates again.

Dorathy talked about how happy it made them feel that they continued imitating the Housemates even when their presentation was over. Nengi and Prince agreed they did quite well, saying they brought their A-Game to the Task. Neo loved that it wasn’t scripted and was quite proud of the outcome.

The argument that took place between Lucy and some of the Housemates 

This was a major conversation during the Diary session, with some Housemates blaming Lucy for it all. Dorathy felt Lucy was becoming intentional with her antics just to push people’s buttons and it was getting exhausting, most especially for their friend Prince because, half the time, she doesn’t even say anything.

Some of the other Housemates like Laycon and Nengi felt the brouhaha wasn’t necessary and could have been handled better. Lucy, the centre of attraction said the Housemates were just making it seem like she was the most difficult person to work with. She suggested that it was either the Housemates accepted her for who she was or leave her alone.

When she talks, they complain that she talks too much and when she sits quiet, they complain that she is dulling the house, what do they want?

Neo and Ozo agreed that the situation in the House is getting tense. Kiddwaya thinks the Saturday Night Party will liven the mood and ease the tension.


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