The Fight Between Erica And Laycon

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The fight between Erica and Laycon last night.

So after the Saturday night party, Erica decided to confront Laycon about what Ebuka said but Laycon didn’t respond. Erica got angry and spit out fire.

Kidd: Erica what it is it??
Erica: am just trying to ask Laycon what is wrong with our Affairs, because he is a liar, All the things Ebuka said that I tried to ki55 him two times.

He should back it up now.. He has never given any proof.. That means his lying he can’t back it up. It’s been a week now and you’re still not ready to talk. That means he is so scared like a chicken because he is lying.

Erica:When did I try to ki55 you Laycon? Apart from that first time I was clearly drunk.. Which other time? Have I ever been attracted to you? I told you am not attracted to you.

Kiddwaya: Please it’s okay Erica..

Erica: Please leave me.. Let him talk and defend that.. He is busy gossiping about me.. If Ebuka can talk about it why can’t I talk about it??.

Kidd to Laycon: can you say something? Laycon: am not saying sh’t.. Am microwaving something to eat.

Erica: Kidd stop trying to be diplomatic, you are with me and not him.. He is a f00l.. He always try to snitch on me..

ERICA : he is using me to trend.. He was my friend but now he’s a sand, he’s an idi0t.. He should not try that sh’t with me.. He is an idi0t.. Apart from Erica wat again have you contributed in this house Laycon? You are using me to trend.. Idi0t

ERICA :you are a f00l, u sk!nny and t!nny f00l.. U want to use me and trend.. Look at how you look? How can I be attracted to you.. Idi0t.. You want to trend with me.

All along, Laycon did not respond. Kiddwaya on the other hand kept trying to calm Erica down but she wouldn’t listen.

She even poured water on the HOH bed and prevented Prince from sleeping on it. She went on to pack her bags, removed her mic and kept knocking on the diary room to go home.

Several viewers have urged the organizers to disqualify Erica for body shaming and threatening to harm Laycon as well as her overall attitude on the show so far. Do you think they are right? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “The Fight Between Erica And Laycon

    1. For me , i am not anyone fan but Erica went too extreme that she should be disqualified she is acting as if she is the owner of the house where they stay, whom did she think she is? just cheap child looking for attention everywhere and thinking she can manipulate everyone, imagine her way ward way of life, I am so disappointed in her she is a bad influence, i am in my 50 and as a mother, i feel ashamed for her mum. How can you use your stinking mouth to say she will Kill laycon becos of a guy that is cleared he will not marry you.
      Let me rest my case as I await judgement to show that this reality show is all about the best for young adults by kicking her out she is an idiot she called her fellow human being.

  1. Never Will Erica live she is making the house hot and thats is what we need, all those boring housemate can live, I rest my case

  2. For me Erica really really went too far,
    She got drunk fine, to me she is not matured @all. She should have controlled herself when she knew she was drunk. We all got drunk does that mean we should do crazy things, seriously Big Brother needs to do sometimes about this issue.

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