Ozo And Nengi’s Conversation After The Night Party – Week 8

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Before the party on Saturday, Sept. 12, Ozo and Nengi had a discussion on their current friendship/situation. Nengi told Ozo to stop bothering himself with the whole relationship thing because she is not worth it. She added that it could happen in the future but for now, it is a No No!

Nengi also made it clear to Ozo that he is two hundred and something on the line of men asking her out and she has an unresolved situation outside

After the party, Nengi and Ozo had another conversation in the garden alone. Ozo tried bringing up the whole love issue to Nengi again. This time around, Nengi got a bit upset with Ozo. According to Nengi, she has been telling Ozo the same thing over and over again that it won’t work.

She poured out her heart to Ozo as she told him that she doesn’t like the way he’s making her feel about the whole issue. She told Ozo that she doesn’t like the fact that most of what they discuss when they’re together is relationship. Nengi said she isn’t the type that likes to give a negative reply (no) over and over again because she doesn’t like hurting people’s feelings. And Ozo has continued to make her say it again and again, and it’s really weighing her down.

Nengi further explained to Ozo that she doesn’t rush into relationships. According to her, all the guys she has dated are guys she got to know for years before they started dating, so his case won’t be different. According to her, this should be the least issue bothering Ozo at the moment; all she has to offer is friendship, so Ozo should focus on the game.

Ozo could not help but just stare at Nengi as if to say he was falling more and more by what she is saying.

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