Most Handsome BBNaija Lockdown Housemate

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The post-BBNaija conversations are still on and today, we want to find out who you consider your most handsome BBnaija lockdown housemate.

This season, we arguably had some of the most handsome men of all time including fashion slayers, bodybuilders, runway models, etc. They were all good-looking but who amongst them was most handsome? Scroll down, vote and see results.

Before the poll, let’s quickly remind you of all the 10 men we had this season.

Brighto: He is a 29 year old sailor from Edo state.

Eric: 24-year-old student, fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder from Lagos/Edo.

Kiddwaya: He is 27, self emplyed and from Benue state.

Laycon: 26 year old singer and rapper feom Lagos State.

Neo: He is a 26-year-old ride-hailing app driver from Delta State.

Ozo: He is a 27-year-old consultant and entrepreneur from Imo state..

Praise: He is 28, a dancer from Enugu state.

Prince: 24, .designer and interior decorator from Lagos/Abia

Tochi: 28, rapper and real estate agent from Imo state.

Trikytee: He is 35, a creative artist and story teller from Lagos/Bayelsa state.

Now, vote for your most handsome BBNaija lockdown housemate. You can vote as many times as possible and also invite your friends.

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