Meet M-Ten – Cameroonian Budding Afro Pop Artiste

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Good music they say is the food of the soul. In this day and age, most urban artists in Cameroon have come under heavy criticism for putting out songs with very irrelevant or no messages at all. Some of their fans think music should not just end at making us dance and vibe to the rhythm, there should also be an important message behind every song.

However, some of these urban artistes are standing out with songs that do not only serve as food for the soul but also have an important message for every listener. Come with me and let’s discover one of such amazing voices.

Major Munang, known professionally as M-Ten is a Cameroonian budding artiste who hails from the North West region of Cameroon.

The 29-year-old sensational singer is inspired by one of Cameroon’s greatest urban artists of all time, the King Kong, Stanley Enow.

M-Ten has been into music for 7 years. However, he took a break when he traveled out of Cameroon and he recently just released his first track titled “MTN.” MTN! That sounds like an interesting title for a song and you must be dying to know why the song is titled MTN. Well, you will find out soon if you read on.

M-Ten dedicates his first single to the Cameroonian telecommunication Company, MTN, little wonder; the song is titled “MTN.” In the song, M-TEN praises MTN for the outstanding services they have rendered to Cameroonians over the years. But why MTN? It could be any other company.

“I have been working with MTN for years and I have seen how they have helped Cameroon to grow. They have helped several individuals and business people from the suburbs and even towns. With them, communication has become very easy. Rather than writing a letter which may take several days to get to a loved one in a distant area, with a phone call, that is done within seconds. They have provided amenities as well as employment to several Cameroonians. That is why I came up with this track, as a means of expressing my appreciation to MTN Cameroon,” M-Ten tells Kamer Connect.

MTN is now available on youtube, watch and listen:

M-TEN’s is currently working on another project which will be released in the nearest future. It is titled “Mama.” To him, a mother’s love is compared to none and we cannot pay them for birthing and raising us. That is why he is dedicating this next tract to mothers.

Follow M-TEN on the following social media platforms:

Instagram: Mten Mten

Facebook: M-ten Official

Youtube: M-TEN Mask Man (Please, subscribe, hit the notification button, and be the first to know when M-Ten drops a new project).

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