Omah Lay Biography: Age Net Worth (Nigerian Singer)

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Omah Stanley Didia known professionally as Omah Lay is a Nigerian singer who hails from Rivers state, south-south region of Nigeria. He was born and raised in Port Harcourt, capital city of Rivers State.

He started his career as a teenage member of a rap group known as Lil King. He later switched to producing before finally deciding to go solo. Omah Lay’s family probably inspired him into going into music. Before his death in 1976, Omah Lay’s grandfather was an instrumentalist for legendary highlife singer, Celestine Ukwu. Omah Lay’s father equally played the drum.

Omah Lay’s Biodata:

Omah Lay’s Age: 23 years as of 2020

Omah Lay’s date of birth: May 19, 1997

Education: Omah Lay attended Comprehensive High School, Rivers State. He later enrolled in the Hisenta University of Port Harcourt.

Music Career

Omah Lay started music as a teenager rapping in the streets of Marine Base as Lil King. However, he didn’t stay as Lil King for long, he started learning how to produce music. He first made his mark on the Nigerian music scene in early 2019 as a producer making a couple of records that trended for months in his hometown but he thought he didn’t get the credit he deserved writing and producing those songs. That was when Omah Lay decided to pick up his mic, get into the studio, and do the music himself.

 In 2019, he released ‘Do Not Disturb’ and ‘Hello Brother’ and those tracks trended on local radio stations for several months. This drew the attention of record labels and he signed a record label deal with KeyQaad in July 2019. He also left his hometown for the first time and moved to Nigeria’s biggest entertainment hub – Lagos.

Why Omah Lay Got Arrested in Uganda

On Monday, authorities in Uganda arrested and remanded Omah Lay and Tems in custody for flouting Covid-19 rules.

Omah Lay and Tems were accused of carrying out activities that could promote the spread of the coronavirus. Ugandan authorities later succumb to pressure from their fans and colleagues and decided to free them.

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