Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians In 2020

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Searching for top 10 best Cameroonian musicians in 2020? Top 10 best artists in Cameroon 2020? Then you are in the right place.

2020 is finally coming to an end but truth be told, it has been a rough year, even for the Cameroonian entertainment industry. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic came with its devastating effects and we are still trying to adjust to the new normal. However, some of our Cameroonian musicians managed to stand out and kept us entertained with good music.

Today, we are looking at 10 of those musicians and this is our list of Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians In 2020.

10. Kameni

To grow as an artist, you definitely need to be consistent and Kameni is definitely one artist who has managed to maintain consistency in her music since she rose to prominence.

Her major release this year has been Ghetto and that track has so far been viewed over 326K times by lovers of her music. She just recently put out Mama and the song has so far received close to 100k views in just three weeks. She released Tombe just a few months ago as well.

She also featured in Witty Minstrel’s Be Proud remix, a song that has become an anthem to many in Cameroon.

Download: Witty Minstrel – Be Proud Remix Ft. Magasco x Vernyuy Tina x Awu x Kameni x Gasha x Mr. Leo

And of course, before that track, she had featured on Tzy Panchak’s track alongside Stanley Enow as well as on Mink’s Sissiah.

9. Fhish

Unarguably, Fhish biggest project this year has been Njoh, a song featuring legendary makossa icon, Longue Longue. Njoh literally means anything that is free, comes at no cost. So it is another song worth listening to because aside from the song itself which is very interesting to listen to, there is also a strong underlying message. We are in 2020 and most young people just want to eat without working or labouring for and just as Fhish says “Les gars veulent seulement tchop là où ils n’ont pas work.” So he is actually campaigning against the whole njoh concept and encouraging young people to work for whatever they want, which is quite an impressive message.

He also released the video of Patience a few weeks back and the song has been receiving the buzz that it deserves. So Fhish deserves a position on this list.

8. Rinyu

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians In 2020

This young voice has undoubtedly been one of Cameroon’s biggest revelation this year. She first earned prominence on the Cameroonian and international music scene when she did the cover Nigerian superstar, Simi’s Duduke in mid-2020. That video alone has so far received over 1.7 million views. However, before that, she had released Chakara love.

Since Duduke cover, Rinyu has released Dreamy Eyes, Feeling You feat. Ko-C, Friendzone and most recently, Cover Me. That’s why Rinyu is 8th on our list of top 10 best Cameroonian musicians in 2020.

7. Vivid

Vivid is one artiste who has been very consistent this year. At the beginning of the year, he gave us njansang. The audio, video, rhythm were great but there is one thing that made the song even more lovely; the message. The song was a whole campaign against skin bleaching. He was praising and appreciating the beauty of a beautiful black woman; a woman who has not bleached her skin (njansang). So, we don’t have to bleach our skin to look good or beautiful.

He also went on to feature Mr. Leo in Jah Jah in mid 2020 and that song has actually received over 200k views on youtube. His most recent project is Ngondere (young woman), released in December 2020.

Download: Vivid – Ngondere Starring Briana Lesley

6. Locko

The Sawa Romance crooner released Meme Meme Chose at the beginning of the year. That track stood out and has so far received over 4 million views on youtube.

Locko aslo went on to feature one of Cameroon’s best female voices, Charlotte Dipanda in Murder.

5. Vernyuy Tina

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians In 2020

Vernyuy Tina Musica is certainly one artist who has redefined and made the afro njang genre more acceptable and lovable. The charm in her voice is irresistible and when you hear her singing, you just got to sing along and love it, even if you don’t understand what she is saying because most of her lines are in lamnso and of course not everyone understands Lamnso, but the magic in her voice can do wonders. So you just got to enjoy what she is singing.

We have seen her deliver extremely well in every single project she has engaged in this 2020. Her lines in the Be Proud remix track are considered by many as their favorite lines of the song. At the beginning of 2020, she released jei, a song that has so far received 307K views on youtube. She also did the cover of Shalotte Dipanda’s massa two months later and then went on to release the video of Afro Njang in mid 2020.

Vernyuy is still a rising talent and with consistency, she could be a greater artiste than we could ever imagine. She is currently on a break from social media and apparently from the music scene too. Her fans can’t wait to have her back.

4. Tzy Panchak

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians In 2020

Tzy has had an amazing ride this 2020. Well, not as amazing as 2019 because in 2019, he released na so and tomorrow; tracks that fans did not only sing and dance to but also found very inspirational as well.

Tzy’s major release this year has been Amin featuring Stanley Enow and Kameni.

Download: Tzy Panchak – Amin Ft. Stanley Enow, Kameni

Tzy also featured on Blaise B’s Christmas track titled Jingle Bells. He definitely deserves a spot on our list of top 10 Best Cameroonian musicians in 2020.

3. Magasco

Magasco major hit this year has been Nyang Nyang remix featuring ace Bitkutsi singer, Lady Ponce. This track made even Cameroonians and Africans who didn’t love bikutsi dance and vibe to the single.

His delivery on Witty Minstrel’s be proud remix was also amazing. He also featured Wihney In Calypso, a track released earlier this year. He is definitely one of the very few artists who have stood tall this year, despite all the huddles.

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2. Mr. Leo

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians In 2020

Mr. Leo is no doubt an established Cameroonian musician and being an established musician, the pressure of staying relevant is quite high. Mr. Leo has conquered that over the last few years and this year has been no different. This year, Mr. Leo continued to build and grow his own record label Lionn Production, mentoring young and upcoming artists, Kameni and Gomez.

His most trending song this year has been Asabe, released in mid-2020. Before that track though, he had released Zege Zege, a song against mental slavery. Those are arguably two of his biggest songs this year and have both received at least 260k views each on youtube so far.

Given that the coronavirus has been a global focus in 2020, Mr. Leo was indifferent as he released a song at the peak of the pandemic, titled Zero Corona. The song featured Collectif Africa and was a means of sensitizing people and fighting the deadly disease. The song has been well received and appreciated by fans not only in Cameroon but across the globe as well.

Mr.Leo also featured on Witty Minstrel’s Be Proud remix, one of Cameroon’s biggest song this year.

  1. Ko- C
Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians In 2020

Ko-C’s major project in 2020 has been Calecon, a track in which he features Bikutsi singer, Coco Argente. Calecon has so far received 4.4 million views in just one month. The track has also been topping the playlist of most music lovers, blogs and radio stations for several weeks now.

Download Ko-C – Caleçon(Feat. Coco Argentée)

Another track from Ko-C which has equally received quite a lot of buzz but yet has raised a lot of controversies this year is a collabo feat. Cloe Grae, Banye, Kikoh, and Kking Kum, titled Ghana Must Go.

And then there was “Mon Pala.” He also featured on Makon’s hit track Hosanna as well as Rinyu’s track Feeling You. Of course, not forgetting Jingle Bells by Blaise B, in which Ko-C also featured and delivered his lines extremely well.

Download: Blaise B – Jingle Bells Ft. Asaba, Ko-C, Remii, Tzy Panchak

All in all, his output has been amazing, his energy has been great throughout the year. We know him as a rapper but he also did a lot of singing too this year. He has released singles, featured upcoming artists, and appeared in the tracks of fellow artists. He has also received a couple of awards and was in Congo in December for a mega concert. He deserves to crowned Best Cameroonian artist in 2020.

Honorary Mentions: Witty Minstrel, Cloe Grae and Aveiro Djess.

And that is our list of top 10 best Cameroonian musicians in 2020. What do you think about our list? Who are your best musicians in 2020? Please, do well to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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