The Fight Between Beatrice And Peace – BBNaija

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This week, Big Brother gave the housemates their first task for the season and the task is seemingly unraveling the tension in the House.

During today’s brainstorming session, Liquorose presented the storyline she and some fellow Housemates had put together, for their task presentation on Friday. The Housemates were impressed with her performance and suggested she will be the narrator during their presentation. Liquorose accepted. 

However, the serenity did not last long as Sammie took over the staff and went into casting and the House went into a chaotic interruption with the Housemates speaking over each other. 

The Head of House, Peace stepped in to calm the Housemates and urged them to take turns to speak and the cross-talking persisted which led to Beatrice feeling unseen and ignored when she raised her hand to speak.  

In anger, Beatrice stormed out of the brainstorming session, leaving Peace livid. “Who is she? If she wants to go, her go, Big Brother has given us a task and my duty is to organize the housemates for the task. I do not have control over her actions or her legs,” Peace. 

When Maria and Angel stood up and tried to fetch Beatrice, Peace told them to sit down. “Leave her. She made her choice.”  

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Shortly after, Beatrice came back and apologized to the housemates for walking out but expressed how disappointed she was at the bias displayed towards her when she tries to contribute to the brainstorming sessions. “You always ignore me when I raise my hand and try to add to what we’re doing. People interrupt me and you don’t say anything, but when I say something, you tell me to put my hand down or keep quiet. It’s unfair. You don’t do that man” Beatrice to Sammie. 

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